Silvercore Gun Club

Silvercore Gun Club

valid for one year (365 days) Join Now  

We support our local ranges and communities by introducing our members to the many fine shooting establishments across Canada. Silvercore has helped members from all different backgrounds come together under a common interest.

By joining the Silvercore Gun Club, you will meet the Canadian Firearms Programs (CFP) issuance requirements in order to obtain a Long Term Authorization to Transport (ATT). Once you have your ATT you will be in compliance with the CFP’s requirements for restricted firearms purchase, possession and transport.

In an effort to promote the shooting sports in Canada, Silvercore has become a registered and certified gun club. For only $30.00 you can now join our gun club and meet the requirements to obtain restricted firearms. Included with your registration is:

  • A certified Silvercore club membership letter
  • An ATT application form
  • Full live and telephone support during normal operating hours
  • Discounts off of selected Silvercore courses
  • Optional placement on our first contact promotional list
  • Discounts on range memberships from participating ranges
  • Discounts from participating firearms retailers and outdoor stores
  • Mentorship programs

Silvercore Training Live Fire - Gun Club

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